Saturday, September 11, 2010

73.For instant fame

I will abuse a whole community,

Threaten to burn a holy book,

Address hordes of hysterical mobs,

Grant fiery interviews to channels.


I will hand out death sentences,

Announce rewards for executors,

I will lead noisy marches

To places that need demolition.


I will ban books and films,

Put paintings and photographs to flame,

I will blacken faces of people

And pour venom against the noble.


I will do this and more

For instant fame and following,

It takes a lot of time

To do good and be famous.


The Panorama said...

Lovely poem! I love the last two lines:
" It takes a lot of time
To do good and b famous."

R. Ramesh said...

very well stupid some people are...:)

Indrani said...

So well said!
One of your best!

Kadri Luik said...

Well put. It's sad that those who do the wrong things to get fame still get attention. People all over the world should know better than that by now.