Sunday, September 05, 2010

96.Frantic search for names

Modern-day parents attach a lot of importance to the names of their children.Even before a child is born, frantic search for the name by which it will be known begins. It hardly matters whether the child is a boy or a girl. Parents prepare for both eventualities. There is no time to lose when things are as urgent as naming a child.

There are books on names that sell like hot cakes among prospective parents. These are studied carefully.Choices are narrowed down, individual names are debated endlessly and a tedious process of elimination starts. Books on how to impart moral values to children are hardly purchased. Those on child health are not much in demand.Books on names score over all other types of books.

After a long and agonising process, names are finally determined, often to be changed quickly. It is either too long or too short.It sounds either too old or too strange. Parents are difficult creatures to satisfy.

Children would be turning in the wombs of their mothers when they find their parents burning so much of midnight oil on their names.Shakespeare, who failed to realise the importance of names, would be turning in his grave.


How do we know said...

oh, and then there is that one abt making names "unique" - how unique can a name be in a population of 1.2 bn? very very apt post. Tho we are also guilty of a name search.. :-p

Kavita Saharia said...

Tee hee !Yes, you are right.It was easier in my case ,because i am a devotee of Ma Durga,i named my daughter on one of her name and my son was named by my sister-in-law (she had just few weeks to live as she had Leukemia).
It's tough remembering and pronouncing the names of some of my kid's friends .Names are lacking the regional touch now a days.

Indrani said...

Very interesting.

R. Ramesh said...

ya very interesting...:)

Kadri Luik said...

=) I recognize that so well. My sister is 16 weeks pregnant and the hunt for the perfect name has already begun. Old fashioned names to keep names withing the family alive, English sounding names that will be easy to use in a global future or original names that will make the child stand out as his/her own person? The debate is on and this far there is no winner.

It has also become more common that the government here is giving new parents fines for not naming their children. (!) The parents can't find a good name so the child goes nameless until the government steps in and forces the parents to make a choice.