Saturday, September 25, 2010

97.Distorted and pet names

I find it very amusing that parents who choose the names of their children after a lot of research, study and debate often feel the need to distort them. Thus, Radheyshyam becomes Radhu, Dileep becomes Dilu and so on.Sometimes, parents make a total departure from the names they allocated to their children and give them pet names.Distorted and pet names seem to better express the love of parents for their children.Actual names are overused and boring.What is the fun in calling your child by the name everyone calls him by. Parents are entitled to some exclusiveness.

Unfortunately, outsiders also get to know about the distorted or pet names and start calling the children by these names.Such a situation can be avoided only if the parents use the distorted and pet names in private, and actual names in the public. This, however, is next to impossible.

The children, when they are young, do not mind being called by the distorted and pet names. But once they grow up, they are not comfortable with every Tom,Dick and Harry conveying his love to them through distorted and pet names.By now, however, the situation becomes irreversible.

The names which once conveyed the love of the parents for their children become a major source of friction between them.Parents may do everything possible for their children, but the children will not forgive the parents for distorting their names and giving them absurd-sounding pet names.


Unknown said...

Just an example. A friend's pet name is Thamby. Now he is a full grown man and a practising lawyer.He wants to be known as Kumar but people espicially those who knew him from young still call him Thamby! That is a struggle indeed!!!

R. Ramesh said...

hahah thamby in tamil means younger dear friend, keats, highlighted the right example..cheers boss