Saturday, October 02, 2010

75. Bird, return early

Bird, don’t fly too far,

You may not find your tree

When you return in the evening.

The nest that you built

Straw by straw over weeks

May not be there,

Chicks for whom you fetch grains,

Held carefully in your beak

May all be gone.

Bird, the city is growing,

Progress is touching everything,

Learn to return early

Evening may be too far.


Indrani said...

Too sad.
Well written.

चलो कुछ कहें said...

Good poem really! I also read some previous posts as I could not visit your Blog for past some weeks. Your poems have become more poignant it seems! I also read Posts on Names and distorted names etc - nicely written pieces. However, about the post "Doctors are next to God", I would agree more with your friends who pointed out that Doctors too are not infallible after all! They over-prescribe, they collude with Pharma cos to fleece the hapless patients, they try every trick like any other unscrupulous businessman to increase their profit without caring for any morals or ethic. No one will dispute your contention that more and more doctors are needed but they must be forced to work in small towns or in rural areas too! There are so many issues which can be raised in this context but we leave it here for some other time. Vidya Bhushan Arora