Sunday, October 24, 2010

77.For whom do you sing,bird?

For whom do you sing,bird?

There is no one to listen,

No one to rush out,

No one to egg you on

By responding to your calls.

No one will seek you out

From behind the veil of leaves,

No one will hop after you

Until you fly into the sky.

No one is around

To admire your lovely wings,

No one is here

To marvel at your majestic flight.

No one has time any more

For you and your songs,

In the world of your own

You must learn to live now.


R. Ramesh said...

omg what powerful lines..and meloncholic..btw, thanks wishes to u and yr near ones too..:)

kavita said...

I agree with Ramesh -it is melancholic .Best wishes and regards.

Indrani said...

Quite sad lines.
Well written.

How do we know said...

i sing
for my God
and for me
and for the friends
you do not see.