Sunday, November 28, 2010

101.Bachelors on wait

TOI recently carried a report on the Barwaan Kala and Barwaan Khurd villages, situated in the Kaimur hills of Bihar.Among about 200 tribal families living in the two villages, there are more than 115 bachelors.Since there is no road connectivity, outsiders don’t want their daughters to be married off in these villages.The villages can be reached only after four hours of tracking through difficult terrain. Absence of a road has also led to dearth of medical and other basic facilities. Which parents would like to send their daughters to such villages? Marrying locally is not permissible, as a girl from the same village is like a sister.

I think, not just in Barwaan, but at many other places, average boys  are in danger of remaining bachelors for ever. The prevailing sex ratio and the changing attitudes have begun to make their impact.

Not long back, boys were in a commanding position. They could afford to be unfair and inhuman.They thought, they were doing great favour to the girls they were agreeing to marry. They were in a position to dictate terms. They did not mind rejecting one girl after another in search of the ones that ‘deserved’ them. Parents of jokers could ask for hefty dowry. Girls and their parents had to suffer the humiliation in silence.

Not any more. One can come across a large number of eligible bachelors, well-educated and well-employed, eagerly waiting for their brides. They are willing to make compromises and they don’t forget to declare that they are not looking for any dowry. They are bachelors not out of choice. They are waiting for girls who will find them likeable and give them the elusive nod.


R. Ramesh said...

bachelors have one "single" problem..haha

sm said...

very well written .