Wednesday, November 17, 2010

100. Human beings and humanity

In the Lalita Park area of Delhi, a five-storey residential building collapsed last Monday, killing at least 68 people and leaving over 150 injured. The tragedy brought out several contradictory aspects of human nature. Greed, benevolence, affection – all were on display.

The building was not very old. It was initially a one-room unit which grew into a 5-storey building about 15 years back. The foundation was weak and the design was faulty. Apparently, the builder was in connivance with police and civic authorities and all were driven by greed. No one had any concern for the safety of the people who would come to live in the building.

Once the tragedy took place, a large number of people tried to take advantage of the situation. They were not looking for survivors in the rubble. They were looking for valuables.They thronged hospitals not to help the injured, but to rob them of whatever little the tragedy had left them with.

There were others who rushed to the site immediately after the tragedy and used their own resources to pull people out of the rubble and take the injured to hospitals. But for their help, many more would have lost their lives.

There was also a mother who kept her baby glued to her chest after the building collapsed over them. The fact that both of them lost the battle of life does not undermine the sacrifice and love of the mother for the baby.

In all tragedies, the script is more or less the same. The challenge is how to make human beings more humane.


Unknown said...

Greed takes many forms. This is one of them.Who thinks of the helpless?

R. Ramesh said...

The challenge is how to make human beings more humane. very well said boss..

sm said...

well written
but no government official is arrested.

Kavita Saharia said...

Yes it is a great challenge !How to make human more humane !

Bikram said...

yepp thats the challenge in which we are failing miserably and world will be a beatuiful place if we can get to it..

sad events you have mentioned but sorry to say thats What we are.. thats what we have become

We are not true to ourselves all times , I can go on and on an ON

the problem is each one of us has become so SELFISH , we change at the flip of a coin, what we need is we need to be True to ourself
if each one becomes TRUE to ourself soons things will change ...

I came to this blog and the title SMILE and the WORLD WILL smile back I wish it was this true and simple
but hey Here's a SMILE at you :))))))))))))))

a very good post and that too a 100th one congrats :)


Deepak Acharya said...

pity :(

Indrani said...

Such a tragic event, dread to think their last moments.
I pray the survivors recover fast emotionally, physically and financially.