Saturday, December 18, 2010

81. Old calendar and new year

I shudder to see the new calendar

Getting printed and readied frantically

To be hung on drawing room walls,

Snatching my pride of place from me.

The whole world is in eager wait

To kick the old year to dustbin,

Getting ready to welcome the new

With cakes, candles and crackers.

That will be the moment of my demise

A tragic end to a year of glory,

I look at the new year with trepidation

It will take away my empire from me.


How do we know said...

as usual, i will hog comments space, and as usual, i have another perspective...

The old calendar and the new calendar look at each other like players in a relay race look at each other while passing the baton. not as adversaries, but as members of the same team, carrying exactly the same baton - of finite time..

R. Ramesh said...

good one buddy

Bikramjit said...

HI , thanks for visitng my blog, but for some reason your blog url was not on it thats why have not been ableto divert back t urs ..

but i found the url through another blog now ...

yeah the new calendar.. dont you think time these days passes so quicly it was only 2009, yesterday and now 2910 has almsot gone ....


Deepak Acharya said...

Liked it instantly !!!