Saturday, January 01, 2011

103.On new year

One more year has departed. One more year has arrived. Good wishes for the year continue to pour in through SMS and e-mail.Some stray cards have also arrived. Old-timers still believe in adding personal touch to their new year greetings.At the stroke of mid-night, mini-Diwali was observed. Crackers went off. People went ecstatic. Dancing, eating and drinking continued well into the morning- as if the old year had taken away all agonies and misfortunes.

Everything new inspires hope and happiness – be it a year, baby, spouse, friend, car, house….Then, things gradually begin to fall apart.Dashed hopes and frustrations starts moving away from the old in search of something new and different. The cycle continues as long as one is alive.

We try to figure out what went wrong. Search for excuses begins. Mostly, we blame others for our misfortunes. The process of rationalization begins.Arguments are invented in support of suppositions. Everything that does not support the suppositions is ignored.

This year, let us resolve to look within.Let us look for arguments to nail ourselves and exonerate others.Let us keep our expectations in check. Let us understand the expectations of others from us and live up to the reasonable ones. Maybe, this will help secure the new year, making it a year of fulfilment, happiness and durable relations.

Happy new year.


Indrani said...

Wish you a Very Happy, Successful and Prosperous New year!

Bikramjit said...

amen to thatos wishes yes lets look inside ourself and make ourself a better human being ...

happy new year to you and family


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