Monday, January 17, 2011

104.Reading habits

Many newspapers this month have carried names of last year's favourite books of eminent persons. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that many busy persons including the Prime Minister found time to read a large number of books. Some claimed to have read up to 30 books during the year. I was ashamed of the fact that I could read only 2-3. I know friends who did not read any.

I feel, lack of time is only an alibi for not reading books. If one is keen to read books, one can find time amidst all the pre-occupations. One can be faithful to the work one is paid for and still read books. No compromise is required at all.

The fact is that many of us are unknown to the pleasure of reading books. Watching TV, surfing internet, reading newspapers or just whiling away time are the activities that appear to be much more entertaining. I doubt if these activities can entertain and educate in the manner a book can.

Some effort seems to be necessary to discover the pleasure of reading books. The first step may, perhaps, be to dedicate a certain part of the day to reading books. The second may be to identify good books in the area of one's interest. The third is to start reading during the dedicated time. I guess, this is the most difficult step. One of the easiest new year resolutions can be to take this step and be familiar with a wonderful world, hitherto unknown.


The Panorama said...

You have a good point, Onkar. The problem is that the digital world has mastered the art of giving it all in small packages. Therefore books seem assarduous now. I have tried reading a couple of books but I have becoem impatient with age. A book has to grab my interest pretty quickly so that I read it to the end.

Very good post:)

R. Ramesh said...

i also want to read more n more books but end up reading none

Margaret said...

Nothing can take away my interest for reading books. I have one by my bedside all the time, enjoying a read before sleeping.
Once I've finished a book, the next one is always waiting. I just couldn't imagine not reading.
I only skip through the newspaper and watch very little TV, but can lose myself for hours in a good book! :)

Unknown said...

So much of other kinds of reading takes place so the book has to fight for a slot!!

ZEAL said...


Do not be ashamed of anything. I have read several thousand blogs in past few months and have written around 150 posts in Hindi and English since July 2009.

Thanks and regards,