Saturday, January 22, 2011

105.Reading habits of children

Most parents crib about the reading habits of their children. They are worried that their children spend all their free time on watching TV,surfing the net or playing video games. They would like their children to do some reading, but the children just would not listen.

Who is responsible for this state of affairs? Did we introduce our children to the pleasure of reading from the very beginning? We provided them easy access to TV, internet and video games. Whatever reading they did was for securing good grades in schools. This was reading out of compulsion and not out of choice. We were happy if they devoted all their time to this type of reading and did not bother if the rest of the time was spent on the activities to which they gradually got addicted. We never provided them general books that would encourage them to read during their spare time.

We also did not set an example to children. We ourselves hardly did any reading. All our spare time was consumed by TV viewing and internet surfing. We forgot that our children were watching and emulating us.

Maybe, it is not too late. The situation may be changed if we start reading some really entertaining books. Maybe, children will see the books lying around day after day and someday, they will pick up one of the books. That moment may be the turning point of their life.


ManPreet Kaur said...

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Bikram said...

agree with you so much.. i have seen most parents especially when they are busy telling the kids Go and watch tv, or play a game ..
and the kids get addicted no wonder they dont want to read books,

My parents made sure i read and my dad made me read the newpaper in morning i did not like then but now i appreciate it so much...


p said...

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Indrani said...

What a great message Onkar!
Terrific post!

Esha - People for the Blind said...

You will be surprised to know that a lot of parents DO care about reading in their children.. i just posted a comment on another blog telling parents that i have a gift for books and children.. and i get so very many queries from mothers seeking advice about reading for their chilren.

Personally, my son hates the morning newspaper ritual, but i insist on his either reading the paper, or being around while i read the paper.. he has to see us start our day with the paper.. my aunt forced that habit on us, and i m very grateful to her for that.

east69 said...

I agree. Some kids are not really inclined into reading. Need much patience.