Sunday, February 20, 2011

86.To VIP

Why are you in a baffling hurry,

What calling beckons you,

What great have you achieved,

What lives have you touched ?


Sit quiet for a moment,

Move within and ask,

Seek answer to the simple question,

“What right do I have ?”


Is it power, is it position,

Or is it respect earned ?

Is the distance caused by need

Or is it vanity on display ?


Don’t clear roads of us,

Join us where we are,

Be with us, march with us,

Your passage will remain ever smooth.


raji said...

The last few lines were very much correspond with a common man's feelings.Nice narration.

Indrani said...

Well written, hope VIPs read this.

Neena Sharma said...

Simple but nice.

Bikram said...

Ah ha the lovely times and Lives of our leaders ...