Tuesday, March 15, 2011

88.Old man's dilemma

Old man cannot get up early,
Others need to sleep,
He cannot get up late,
Toilets need to be free.

Old man cannot eat at the table,
He knows no manners,
He cannot eat on the floor,
The place is for servants.

Old man cannot open mouth,
He knows no English,
He cannot keep mum,
He is not a thing.

Old man cannot sneeze,
Old man cannot cough,
Neither can he snore,
Nor can he breathe.

Old man does this,
Old man does that,
Old man is in a fix,
What to do with himself ?


Indrani said...

That is too sad.

How do we know said...

You have captured the pain so well! After the tree series, one of the best pieces imho, on ur blog. :-)

Unknown said...

No more rights.Gone with the wind ??

Anonymous said...

Good indeed! Touching in fact! The poem was in making - I should have guessed it when you discussed the same subject during our walks.
Vidya Bhushan