Friday, June 17, 2011

112.About 100% cut-off

A Delhi-based college recently surprised all by setting 100% cut-off for non-Commerce students for admission to their B.Com.(Honours) course. This was enough to send the current as well as would-be aspirants into a tizzy. I saw interesting comments by youngsters on Facebook and Twitter. Many of the comments I failed to understand, not because these were not correctly written, but because youngsters have a lingo that I sometimes find beyond myself.

The problem with 100% cut-off is that it is not possible to get more than 100% marks. Many youngsters would now be working hard to resolve the problem and I am hopeful, they will find a way to take the maximum possible percentage beyond 100.

Part of the blame also lies with examiners who are growing in kindness year after year. When I was a student, examiners used to be the most miserly section of the society. They were always on the look-out for some fault in the best of the answers. They treated marks as their private capital and wanted to give away as little as possible. They felt miserable if someone could snatch 60% from them. They felt robbed. Teachers now-a-days are very different. They first give 100% and then see if the student has committed some crime in the answer-script to warrant any reduction.

Partly, the problem can be solved if some more chairs can be placed in class-rooms of prestigious colleges. Bright students may be required to sit in slightly cramped chairs. But I am sure, they will willingly make the sacrifice in favour of their less bright brethren.

I can understand the frustration of those who have scored less than 100%. They now know that there was nothing to celebrate about 98-99% . I am happy, I am no longer a student.


Bikramjit said...

Sir, getting 100% is ok But will the help in the big picture I doubt it ...

I am happy i am no more I am a mediocare student always was Pass mark was the target.. and I have not done bad in life os far.. whereas the one's who had distinctions and gold cups well they r still TRYING ...

bad education system we have as with any other system in our great country.

R. Ramesh said...

everything is business..