Monday, July 04, 2011

113. Scientific confusion

Newspapers recently carried a research report which said that in the rainy season, it is good to eat fried stuff. Things that are deep fried will most likely be free of contamination. Luckily, this is rainy season and we can immediately get down to eating pakoras, samosas and other fried delicacies scientists have long deprived us of. I wish, the scientists had come to this welcome conclusion a little earlier.

For decades, I have helplessly watched eatables that I always longed to eat. I was always stopped in my tracks by medical experts who were always eager to tender their unsolicited advice. They had to scare me with all kinds of threats- that if I eat fried stuff, I will develop acidity, ulcer, hypertension and what not. Now that I have already lost precious time, they have casually revised their advice. Don't they owe an explanation for the years I have lost ?

Similar is the case with tea. For many years, they kept saying that tea is as dangerous as poison. As children, we  greedily watched our elders happily sipping cup after cup of tea. But we were forced to drink tasteless, colourless milk, as tea was not supposed to be good for our health. Milk had all the vitamins- A to Z, protein and numorous other nutrients. The only thing it was lacking was taste which was the only thing tea could boast of.

Some years back, scientists decided to have mercy on us. They cheerfully announced that they had all along been wrong. Tea in fact had medicinal properties. No one had any feeling of remorse about the lost cups of tea.

As I am rapidly proceeding towards my old age, I shudder to think what researchers may come up with. When I would have lost all my teeth, these guys are capable of saying that semi-solid stuff is dangerous for my heath and that I must eat solids to be able to live long. I will not find it easy to eat solids without teeth, but who cares?


kavita said...

Lol :)Enjoy monsoon with chai and pakora .And don't worry about teeth- Main hun Na !
Have a great week Onkar ji .

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Great.. Have a nice time!