Saturday, August 20, 2011

116. On Anna Hazare’s agitation

The current wave of public support for Anna Hazare has baffled many. The rapidity with which it has grown, the way it has sustained itself and the way it has reached even small towns and villages- everything is amazing. Once things settle down, it will be a good case study. Thanks God, it has remained non-violent so far despite its mass base and geographical expanse. One hopes, it will remain so in the days to come.
It will be a mistake to see the movement only in the narrow context of Lok Pal Bill. I doubt if people really understand the differences between the Government’s Bill and the so-called Jan Lok Pal Bill. Do people really care if the Prime Minister and the judiciary are in the ambit of Lok Pal ? These are issues which bother intellectuals who feel, they are doing a great patriotic duty by articulating their views on what is beyond the comprehension of the common man.
I feel, this is the pent-up anger among people against corruption which has led to the current agitation. People are sick of the hardships they face at every step in their life due to corruption. Passport, driving licence, ration card – nothing comes easy. Money meant for people does not reach them. Projects meant for their welfare do not take shape on the ground.
Maybe, things have improved a lot in recent years due to RTI, computerisation, etc. I remember the time when it was next to impossible to get accommodation in trains without paying money. Today, you can get your berth reserved from home thanks to computerisation. Similar improvements have taken place in some other areas as well. But people are more aware today. The awareness has made them much more intolerant of corruption. There are many more avenues today for this intolerance to find expression.
In Anna Hazare, people see someone who can lead their fight against corruption. He is seen as someone who is selfless and has no axe to grind. His credibility is his biggest asset. People are not going to be satisfied with the enactment of a strong Lokpal Bill. They will be restless until corruption is removed from their day-to-day life.


Kavita Saharia said...

Bang on ! You are right it more about citizen's anger towards the political system .The movement got such a huge public support as Anna is the face of India's battle against corruption.

Onkar ji ,thanks for your kind words on my post yesterday .Coming from you that means a lot to me .

How do we know said...

Yes. Very very true. Totally agree with this analysis sir..