Sunday, September 11, 2011

117.On Delhi blast

Yet another blast this week. 13 lives snuffed out. What was their fault ? The killer did not know whom he was going to kill. The killed did not know why they were killed. Even the worst criminal faces trial and is told why death sentence is being passed against him. But in this case, there was no allegation, no trial, no opportunity. The killed did not know why they were killed. They did not even know, they were going to be killed.

Many of the survivors may be in a worse position. They may have lost their vital limbs. Some may have to live the rest of their lives without their close ones. How long will this madness continue ?

Someone has succeeded in ideologically brainwashing the killers. They have been convinced of some real or imaginary injustice and led to believe that the cause will prosper if they kill innocent people. How could this absurd conviction be achieved? And why did the society and its institutions, with all the resources at their command, fail to convince the same set of people to think otherwise?

I feel, the society has not paid sufficient attention to this relatively new form of danger that it faces. While there is a lot of talk about what the Government should do, how the security agencies should be prepared, where CCTV cameras should be installed, how intelligence should be collected and so on, there is hardly any stress on how we must prevent our young people from going astray and how our people should be prepared to defend themselves against such attacks.

In schools, we learn literature, science, mathematics, social studies, history, geography and what not. Much of what is taught has no relevance to our physical and emotional well-being. A child spends decades in schools and colleges and comes out totally clueless about how to defend himself against terror attacks and natural disasters, and how to prevent himself from being swayed by something which to me appears totally stupid and absurd.


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