Saturday, November 26, 2011

122. On giving up

The more our wants are, the more restless we are. The more we possess, the more we want to possess. So, it makes sense to simplify our lives by giving up that which we do not really need. This may open up the path to peace and happiness. But this is easier said than done.

A few months back, I read in newspapers about a movement which called upon people to manage with just 100 things. We have spread our desires so much that thousands of things appear essential to us. 100 is not a small number, but once we start weeding out things that we do not really need, we find it next to impossible to bring down the list to 100.

Inspired by the newspaper report, I started thinking of the things I could do without. I decided that my wrist-watch was the only thing I could give up. Since we could see the time in our mobile phones, it appeared to me that wearing a watch really did not make any sense.

For a few months, I managed without a watch, but all the time, I missed it. Instinctively, my eyes would go to my wrist and not to my mobile phone to find out what the time was. Invariably, I would return to myself disappointed.

I struggled with myself for all these months and kept my watch at bay, but I finally gave in today. My watch is back on my wrist and I am feeling much more comfortable now.

Habits die hard. Giving up is very good in principle, but habits come in the way of giving up. It is not easy for lesser mortals to fight their habits and win.

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Kavita Saharia said...

I too love my watch .I can check time on my cell and my laptop but just not ready to give up wearing watch.