Sunday, December 18, 2011

103.Living in past

The winter is long
Won't be over soon,
No spring to follow,
No respite in sight.

No tender leaves to touch,
No roses to bloom,
No fragrance to breathe,
Stems carry only thorns.

Feelings have vanished,
Embers long died down,
Only rancour remains,
Only stink prevails.

Gone is the warmth of hug,
Gone is the desire to touch,
Smile on lips has faded,
The tongue has gone silent.

Memories are still alive
Of days filled with care,
Of nights soaked in love,
Of conversations seeped in honey.

Why should we live in the moment,
Why should we continue to suffer?
Let us live in the past,
The present is dead and over.


R. Ramesh said...

hah very different ending para..cheers buddy

Indrani said...

Check this out:

Onkar said...

Thanks, Indrani.