Saturday, December 31, 2011

105.To 2011

On your last day, old year,
Let us spend some time together.

There were cold, dull days 
When the sun felt helpless,
When hope deserted me,
Sweet dreams shunned my sleep,
Failure was the result of all effort
And light at the end of tunnel mere illusion.

There were days full of light too,
Although few and far between,
When life seemed worth living,
When action was driven by hope,
When happiness appeared within reach.

For the sake of such stray days,
Let us spend some time together,
Without grudge, rancour or ill-will
I bid you farewell,old year.


Bikram said...

have a great day and happy new year to you and family and everyone around you ... :)


R. Ramesh said...

as usual a super post ji..thanks yar for staying connected and always motivating all of us wishes to u n fmly