Monday, January 30, 2012

124. Struggling to be on Facebook

     I have made desperate efforts to be active on Facebook. I thought, I needed to be where the whole world was. I had to deactivate the first account I opened on Facebook, because I found myself saddled with a staggering number of 'friends'.Total strangers were sharing their personal details with me and sending me messages at an alarming speed. I hardly found anything interesting in what they were doing in their offices and homes, where and with whom they went for their vacations, in which hotel they stayed, what they ate and so on. I was sick of looking at their family photographs, their children's birthdays, marriage anniversaries, 'mundan' ceremonies, 'hawans', 'griha pravesh', their kitchen wares, dining tables, bathrooms, pets and what not. 

      I thought, I needed to start all over again and opened a fresh account. I was very choosy about accepting friend requests. But without my knowing, the list kept swelling and soon went beyond manageable proportions.  People whose intelligence and maturity I trusted let me down. Many of them were posting the same trivia. I have now given up.

     I think, people post trivia, because it does not take much application of mind. One can do it while eating, watching TV or doing anything else and have the satisfaction of having done something. For most recipients, personal details of others are welcome. People are generally happy if they can have a peep into others' private lives. I find that on Facebook, people post details and photographs they may not easily share otherwise. They say things they may not say face to face. Facebook can remove artificial layers and bring out the real self.

       I don't mind peeping into the lives of those I know very well. But I am not interested in anything more than the most spicy details. Also, I have no patience to put up with any of the personal details of those in whose lives I am not at all interested.


R. Ramesh said...

very well said buddy...i agree with your points..but hope that fb is just evolving..and over time people will move on to realistic approach..cheers

Bikramjit said...

so very right on the last point people do it as they cant say things on face..

moreover i think FB is a waste of time people spend way too much time on it .. that time can be used for something better


Anonymous said...

well e1 cant write like writers and facebook is 4 e1 and u truly said they just share the things that they cant share in real life...

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Too much trivia but I guess that's what some people thrive on and that's their way of staying connected.