Saturday, February 11, 2012

108.Flower's reply

(please relate to poem no. 107)

Mischief of the wind!
Indifference of the branch!
Why should I imagine?
Why should I bother?
A life rather short
Why should I squander?

The branch gives me life
Until I am shed,
The wind makes me dance
Until I am dead.

It matters not to me
If I hit the dust,
Don't they bury the body
Once someone is dead?

Let the spring be unhurt,
Let new flowers bloom,
The world must not end
Once I am gone.


sm said...

thoughtful poem
The world must not end
Once I am gone

Kavita Saharia said...

Profound verses !

Jewel Joshy Venmanakkal said...

none can refresh my mind other than the photos which you have blogged. It is like a prayer to me when I watch the photos.

You are bringing the nature's best to every once life who watches. Congrat. you are taking care of hundreds of life's happiness.

Hope you have the same interest in your work which you do as public servant in the Government. The world will smile at you all the time. Keep it up.