Saturday, April 21, 2012

128. Unnecessary possessions

In principle, everyone accepts that one should manage with as few things as possible, but everyone thinks that he/she does not have many things to discard. There are occasions when one is forced to face the reality. Shifting  to a new house is one such occasion.

Recently, I had to shift to a new house and I could not believe the range and quantum of useless things that I had come to acquire. All kinds of funny and obscure things kept tumbling out of the boxes of beds, corners of almirahs, suitcases tucked away somewhere, cartons kept in stores and so on. Many of these things had been with me for years. They were there in the hope that someday they will be used, but that day had never come. I was not aware of many of the things that I had. 

When we see something somewhere , we have an urge to acquire it. We have our imagined requirement to back our urge. We buy it, feel good about having it and then hardly ever use it. Once we acquire one thing, the urge to acquire something else starts and the process goes on. 

I thought, many of the useless things  I would not carry to my new house. But I soon changed my mind and thought, I would do some sorting in the new house. Trucks had to make repeated trips to ferry goods from my old house. In my new house, without my knowing, the same old useless things managed their way into boxes of beds, suitcases, upper shelves, stores and so on. New useless things will be added, but the old things will never make their way out.

I realize, it is difficult to give up something even if it is useless. Most of the time, we buy things because we want to possess them and not because we  require them. Also, most of the time, we are not able to give up things not because we require them, but because giving up is against our natural instinct.


Bikram said...

I know how hard it is to get rid of things , I moved to a new house and my loft got full with all the stuff that I had put in the old house ot throw..


R. Ramesh said...

excellent post boss:)

Sai Charan said...

Really enjoyed reading this piece of writing!! You weaved philosophy in simple words!!

All you said is true about life but this line holds good to life itself - mentioned as 'Maya' in The Bhagawad Gita --> "Once we acquire one thing, the urge to acquire something else starts and the process goes on."

Cheers, Sai :)

Ruprekha said...

How true! I faced the same situation when I shifted in my house. Although sad had to part with quite a few things for space constraint. Then soon started acquiring more .... :)seems old habits die hard.