Saturday, May 05, 2012

111. Darkness

The night gets blacker and blacker,
Stars and the moon are in hiding,
Lamps have run out of oil,
Candles are on last flicker.

Voices have gone dumb,
Ears have fallen deaf,
Eyes no longer wish to see,
Hearts don't feel anymore.

The wind has stopped blowing,
Leaves have forgotten dancing,
Rivers flow without music,
Falls collapse noiselessly.

Birds are huddled in nests,
Windows are shut tight,
How will this night end
If no one even cries?


Bikram said...

hmmm I dont know how the night will end .. I hope alls well that ends well


Sawai Singh Rajpurohit said...

waah bahut khoob

R. Ramesh said...

baapre..maamla serious ho gaya..