Monday, May 28, 2012

112.The album

Let me take out the old album
To look at pictures gone yellowish,
Breathing behind transparent sheets,
Struggling to fend off stubborn dust.

Let me look at those left and gone,
Alive only in memories, images,
And also at those still around,
But barely the same in the album.

Let me see hugs warm and tight
With those since fallen out,
They may be looking the other way now,
But cannot break the bond in the album.

Let me look at furniture and things,
Once gathered with love and care
That withered away with passage of time
Or soon fell out of favour.

Let me keep the album close to me,
I need to visit it very often,
Tearful moments I have seen enough,
For smiles, I must see the album.


Sai Charan said...

Nice poem, shows signs of a glorious past, full of memories to look back at!

The poem expresses sadness but on the closing note, its very reassuring as it ends with a wonderful line, "For smiles, I must see the album." That optimism clears the clouds of sadness to show a clear happy sky :)

This poem, "The album" sounds bit similar to your 93rd poem, "Son in the album".

Well written, well expressed, Cheers!! :)

Bikramjit said...

so very true, sums up my emotions tooo seeing the albums always brings a smile always


RITU said...

beautifully written !

Margaret said...

Thankfully we have these old memories to look back on - cherished times held forever in our old albums - never to be forgotten.

Beautiful poem!