Friday, May 11, 2012

128.The old under house arrest

In the inside pages of newspapers today, I read about a study conducted on 1300 elderly people living on the second floor and above in the NCR region. The results show the pathetic condition in which they are living. A large number of them suffer from bone and joint problems and are unable to move out of their houses.56% in the age group 60-65 and 37% among the 65 plus move out of their houses just 3-4 times a month. Of senior citizens living on the third floor and above, 17% can never make it to the ground. About 60% are unable to manage their personal cleanliness and about 84% are unable to travel alone. Some of them, like those living alone, are forced to step out because they have no option. 

In my mind emerge pictures of  elderly people sitting by the side of their windows longingly looking at young people briskly moving around. They have no option but to throttle their desire for some fresh air or sun. They must be terribly bored of looking at walls of their houses day after day, month after month. Even if they are abused or ignored, they have to tolerate it. Their universe is limited to the four walls of  'their' houses.

Something should be done to improve their bone and joint health. A little guidance and medical help may make a lot of difference to their lives. Those who just cannot walk on their own must be taken out occasionally. It is not just food, clothes and shelter that matters. Sometimes, change becomes the overriding need. 


R. Ramesh said...

well meaning post yar..:)

Shanti Garg said...

Very nice post.....