Sunday, July 08, 2012

113. The Rain

Trees have taken a hearty bath,
Leaves look shining clean,
Flowers carry drops on petals,
Buds are in playful mood.

With pores catching every drop,
Soil has got its fill,
It sends aroma of content and joy
To noses most insensitive.

The wind blows soft and cool,
Not a curse any longer,
Its hot prickly bites gone,
Only moist kisses remain.

Farmers are back to fields with ploughs,
Their songs ring in the air,
Children have gone ecstatic with joy,
As a rainbow in the sky appears.

Let there be some puddles on roads,
Let some cars be stuck in traffic,
Who bothers about stray miseries,
When so many blessings you shower.


Bikram said...

yessssss let their be RAINnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


How do we know said...

yes.. completely agree.. if we could look at the blessings around us, in general.. we wouldnt be so morose about things.. what a lovely perspective!