Sunday, August 05, 2012

131.On Friendship Day

Thanks to media, it is difficult not to know that today is Friendship Day. Special articles have been published in newspapers on this day, with celebrities talking about what friendship means to them and who their best friends are. Ads from top consumer companies have appeared, calling for gifting away their products to friends. SMSs have started coming in since early morning. Mail boxes are full of sweet messages.

I was forced to think about how friendship develops. It is not similarity of thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, value systems and so on. Two very different individuals can be the best of friends. Two very similar people may not be able to see eye to eye. Sometimes, friendship starts with a nasty fight. Is it mutual respect and love that is essential to friendship? I doubt. This appears to be more the result and not the cause of friendship.

Human mind is very difficult to understand. When, why and how two people start liking each other is not easy to decipher. We meet so many people everyday, but friendship develops with just a few over the length of our  lives. Others are mere acquaintances. Generally, the bond of friendship is durable - in many cases life-long. Fortunately, most of us are able to find friends. Fortunately, different people have different sets of friends.

They say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. I think, one who helps us in our times of need may be our benefactor, a philanthropist, any one...Such a person need not necessarily be a friend. A friend is one whose company we enjoy - without looking at the watch. A friend is one whom we want by our side during times good and bad. A friend is one with whom we can communicate effectively without inhibitions.  Words are not always necessary for such communication. 


Kavita Saharia said...

Happy friendship day! Nice thoughts.

Indrani said...

Happy friendship greetings to you!

Bikram said...

A very happy friendship day sir , yesterday - today- tomorrow always