Sunday, November 04, 2012

135. Karwa Chauth

A couple of days back, 'Karwa Chauth' was celebrated in various parts of the country. During this festival, women keep fast for a day, wishing long life of their husbands and break it only in the evening after watching the moon.

It is women that suffer. Husbands have gala time. They eat throughout the day. Their wives cook for them without eating anything themselves.  Many of the husbands take leave from office on the pretext of taking care of their fasting wives. Then, they position themselves before TV, forcing their famished wives to maintain a steady supply of tea and snacks. Poor wives have no option but to dejectedly  look at what they cook for their husbands and wait for the moon to come up on the sky. The problem is that the moon rises only in the evening and generally chooses to test the patience of the wives . The weather, which on other days is quite clear, is normally cloudy and hazy during 'Karwa Chauth'. Terraces of houses during the evening  are full of wives and their husbands.  Many  take position well before dark in the hope that the moon may decide to take a stroll a little earlier than normal. The one who sights the moon first is a hero on this day.

Once the moon is sighted, wives worship their husbands as if they are Gods and touch their feet before breaking their fast. Husbands take sumptuous dinner along with their wives and go to bed thoroughly contented. They wait for the next 'Karwa Chauth' and wonder why the festival is not celebrated more often.


Bikramjit said...

they are all man made rituals sir.. hence in favour of man always


R. Ramesh said...

interesting sir:)

Pattu Raj said...

Hope a new festival will be celebrated where men are required to fast to get a good wife in the next Janam.