Sunday, November 25, 2012

137. On wearing sari

I read in newspapers today that women students at the Indian Institute of Management will be allowed to wear saris during their placement interviews this year. It is expected that many will appear in this ethnic wear and not in western-style business suits. 

There are few who would deny that women look more beautiful in a sari. Differences, I think, would be on whether they look more modern. Many would like to believe that business suits make women look more modern, more global. I am among those who think otherwise. The sari imparts an Indian identity to the wearer and does not make her look less modern.

The sari is so distinctly identified with women. Most dresses can be worn by both men and women, may be with slight adjustment. But the sari is something which is exclusive to women. This is why in movies, when no other way of making the audience laugh can be thought of, male characters are presented in a sari. This invariably looks funny.

What baffles me is why the sari is not the preferred dress of more women. It does not require any stitching. So, the tailor can hardly impart his or her skills to spoiling it. With suits and other dresses, one is always tense. Most women will worry about what the tailor ends up doing with the cloth. But no such worry with the sari. One just has to buy it and  wear it. There is no need to find a trial room. As long as the length is right, it is bound to fit. 

Packing the sari is also easy. One has to fold it the way a bed-sheet is folded. In other dresses, one requires intricate skills to fold  properly. This may be a very important factor for some women. They may simply hand over their saris to their husbands who may not know how to wear  but can definitely fold them neatly.

I feel, women abroad are fast discovering the advantages of the sari. This must be the reason why more and more of them are wearing it. In the media, we frequently see foreigners appearing in saris.

One who wears a sari now a days need not feel sorry about doing so.


Kavita Saharia said...

I love wearing sarees and have loads of them. I frequently wear them to my work. Ranilakshmibai fought war wearing one

How do we know said...

indian home maker also had a detailed discussion on her blog abt this. but to me, the sari is modern. bcs indian women have always stepped with the times. really, attire does not define us. we define the attire. :)