Sunday, December 02, 2012

117. At the gallows

Standing at the gallows, I think
Of smiles I snatched away,
Hopes I dashed,
Lives I snuffed out.

I knew none of them,
Not where they came from,
Who depended on them,
What their religion was,
Apple of whose eyes they were.

I just kept firing
At whoever I could see,
I wanted to kill all,
That was my aim.

Some were babies
Either crawling on the ground
Or in laps of dear ones
Or in wombs of their mothers
They deserved to live, but
My fingers were on the trigger,
I felt no emotion, no compassion,
I just wanted to kill.

In a few moments from now,
Hangman will pull the lever,
I will fall in the pit
And be gone forever.

In these few moments,
I can't help but wonder
I have to leave, for I killed them,
But what wrong did they do?


Bikram said...

too late to think about that now

the damage has been done


R. Ramesh said...

yes bik is right..but boss..very powerful writing yar...

Prabodh Kumar Govil said...