Monday, December 24, 2012

118. If I had been..

(on recent gang-rape of a girl in Delhi)

If I had been the sky,
I would have shed a part of myself
To cover your leafless body
Thrown away on a wintry night.

If I had been the wind,
I would have brought you
Some fragrance of blooming flowers
And cool touch of compassion.

If I had been the rain,
I would have fallen softly
On your wounds burning with pain,
Giving you some moments of solace.

If I had been the sun,
I would have lighted
Every single corner of your heart
Filled with darkness of despair.

If I had been the lightning,
I would have fallen hard
And hit with all my might
The demons who did this to you.


Bikram said...

AMEN to that , i do hope we can become all that and Do the needful

Sad sad


Indrani said...

I hope justice is done!
Great lines.

Kavita Saharia said...

Heart toching and much needed thoughts.