Sunday, December 09, 2012

138. Mess in sports

My heart goes out to the sportsmen of the country who are currently having anxious moments. The International Olympic Committee, the highest sporting body for sports in the world, has suspended the Indian Olympic Association, the highest sporting body for sports in India. This means that the Indian sports-persons cannot take part in major sports events like Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games under the National Flag. The International Boxing Federation has suspended the Indian boxing federation. The Indian Government has also suspended the Indian boxing association. It has also derecognised the Indian Archery Association.

All these developments must be very disturbing for the sportspersons of the country. They have been putting their blood and sweat into their preparations for major international events. They want to do their best to win medals for the country. But now they are distracted.   
They have doubts about their future.

The London Olympics created national sports icons like Saina Nehwal, Mary Com, Sushil Kumar, Gagan Narang, Vijay Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt. All these medal winners of the Olympics inspired hundreds and thousands of people to take up non-cricketing sports in a country where cricket is religion and cricket-players are gods. These youngsters are now in doubt. 

The current situation makes me wonder why sports cannot be left to sportspersons. Why should people who have nothing to do with sports leave their areas of core activity and occupy positions in sports bodies which rightfully belong to sportspersons ? Why can't they adopt norms of good governance and accountability? Why can't the International Olympic Committee make the national Olympic Committees adopt such norms?  It will be great if sportspersons manage the affairs of sports bodies in a responsible and transparent manner and others support them in the task of development of sports. 

Music, literature, arts, culture, sports-  these are the areas which should be immune to politics. Only excellence should prevail. There is no reason why India cannot do what China has done in the field of sports.


Indrani Ghose said...

This had to happen!

Kavita Saharia said...

Sad affair!

How do we know said...

unfortunately, no part of india is untouched by politics and religion.

Bikramjit said...

it had t ohappen when politics gets involved .. the appointing of Mr. chautala was bound to bring politcis in it all ..

why cant these politicians leave things out of politcis