Sunday, December 16, 2012

139. Massacre in US

Killing of 20 innocent children by Adam Linza in a Connecticut school in the United States has shocked the entire world. The 20-year old first killed his mother at home, then went to the elementary school where she taught and killed another 26 including 5 to 10-year old kids, principal of the school and other staff members before turning the gun on himself.

Media reports suggest that Adam was a very bright student, but was a loner and had no friend. He was shy, nervous and fidgety, dressed formally and kept his hands glued to his sides. His parents separated from each other about 10 years back and got a divorce in 2008. Reports also say that his mother was very demanding and constantly pushed her two children to achieve more. Adam never exhibited any signs of violence.

What Adam did must have been the result of very deep pent-up anger. He must have been very angry with the society in general and his mother and her school in particular.

This is not the first incident of its type and such incidents are not limited to the United States alone. Around the world including in India, teenagers are exhibiting violent tendencies of the type unimaginable a few years back. They care neither for the lives of their own nor of others. The problem is that they can successfully hide their anger until it manifests itself in an explosive form. Totally unprepared, their victims are like sitting ducks. In a sense, they can be worse than terrorists, because about terrorists, the society has some idea and has put in place some systems.

What is the reason for this anger? The blame must first go to the family which is either fast disintegrating or is existing only in name or is not playing its role. Parents are either not together or have no time for children or have so much of time that they are breathing down the neck of their children. Basic human values are fast disappearing from the family life and the school text-books. Schools and homes are no longer interested in promoting values like love, compassion, truth, honesty, etc. 

Schools are also teaching children mathematics, science and what not. Moral education has taken a back seat. The best talent is not going to the teaching profession. The number of role models in the teaching community is dwindling.

Media is also contributing to the anger among teenagers. It  is harping too much on their so-called rights. Rebellion is presented as an ideal. Negativity is being spread all around as if there is nothing good left in the society and there are no good people around.

In such a situation, if fire-arms easily fall into the hands of the section that is wreathing with anger, catastrophe can be the result. Humanity as a whole has failed to guide and nurture the youth. It has to pay the price.