Saturday, March 09, 2013

143. A Different Women's Day

International Women's Day was observed yesterday. This year, it was very different from previous years. Up to last year, the Women's Day used to come and go without attracting much notice. It was the Valentine's Day which  attracted huge attention. 

This year, the Women's Day attracted almost as much attention as the Valentine's Day. Newspapers and TV channels were full of special stories/programmes on women. Major papers carried women-centric reports on the front page as the lead item. Programmes with focus on women were shown during prime time on TV channels. Corporates came out with advertisements in support of women. Surveys were conducted to zero in on the most inspirational women of the country.Also, there were analytical reports  on safety of women. 

This change has a lot to do with the recent public anger sparked off by gang-rape of a girl in Delhi. It has put women's issues firmly on the nation's agenda. It is a shame that even now,  we read reports of rape every day, but there is also a new phenomenon. Victims are now gathering courage to even report old cases of rape. Everyday, we hear about such cases. Also, the collective voice against such incidents is much louder.

The girl who was gang-raped in Delhi and died in Singapore has been able to achieve what no amount of expenditure on media campaign could have achieved. She has galvanised the entire nation. There is a new focus on women's issues now. Her sacrifice has not gone waste.

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P.N. Subramanian said...

Nice and a timely one. I would call it emancipation of Indian Womanhood.