Saturday, May 11, 2013

147. More on snoring

When I hear people complaining that they are unable to sleep because of someone's snoring, I am surprised. Music is known to induce sleep. Then, why this discrimination against snoring ? I can understand if people cannot sleep due to loud and erratic noises like those produced by firecrackers, but comparing snoring to firecrackers will be insulting the former. Snoring has a rhythm and pattern to it. It has qualities of music that the sound produced by firecrackers lacks.

The roots of snoring disturbing our sleep may lie in our prejudices. For no fault of it, snoring has been much maligned. The moment someone starts snoring, we feel irritated. We are not prepared to look at it as a form of music that can induce sleep. Our minds are closed.

On second thoughts, I feel, this could be due to jealousy. Snoring is a sure sign of sleep. One cannot remain awake and snore at the same time. So, the moment one starts snoring, we know that one is sleeping. A person who is sleeping can only induce jealousy in the person who is unable to sleep. The negativity against snoring can actually be the manifestation of this jealousy.

In the market today, there are pills and gadgets to get rid of snoring.Surgical procedures are also in place. Yoga has discovered exercises that may help one get rid of snoring. This is like killing an art that refuses to die on its own. 

I think, researchers have neglected snoring as a topic of study. They could have worked on how to turn erratic snoring into rhythmic one and ferocious snoring into soft one. Had they done so, they would have served the humanity much better

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