Saturday, June 29, 2013

128.Friend request

I don't know,Mom,
What to do with your friend request?

Tell me the truth, Mom,
Is it a friend request
Or is it a request for prying?
Is it not a desire to know
What I am thinking and doing
Away from your searching eyes?

Mom, I am grown up now,
But you know and I know
That you still want to do
What you always did
When I was a mere child?

You will make some pleasant comments,
Some sweet remarks off and on,
But you really want to be here
Not to write, but to read.

Will it hurt you, Mom,
If I don't accept your request?
Please don't force me
To lose my freedom,
Facebook is the only place
Where I can have it.


Indrani said...

How true!
I am sure each child feels this way.

चलो कुछ कहें said...

Poignant! To portray this dilemma in poetry is really remarkable! Saw your blog after a long time! Please keep giving links on Facebook.

R. Ramesh said...

hah good one buddy:) as usual