Saturday, August 24, 2013

151. Different city- same story

Another gang-rape has been reported from Mumbai. The case is similar to the one that took place in Delhi last year. In this case also, the victim was accompanied by a male colleague. In the Delhi case, only one of the rapists was a minor while in this case, all the perpetrators were reportedly minors or teenagers. The latest case points to some disturbing trends.

One, a woman may not be safe even during day-light or early evening hours. She may not be safe even if she is accompanied by a man.

Two, minors and teenagers are increasingly taking to such crimes. Is the permissive culture of the modern society to blame? Is it the influence of TV,cinema and internet? Is it our education which has failed to infuse the basic human values among its recipients?

Three, perpetrators are not much worried about getting caught. It is not that they are wearing masks. It is not that they are not leaving behind evidence and witnesses.

Four, despite all talk of stringent anti-rape laws, the nation has not been able to put in place a good enough deterrent against such crimes.

Politicians, representatives of the civil society, film fraternity, journalists, common people - all have come out against the crime. We should not be cynical about the protests. Such protests may lead to a sense of shame which hopefully will deter many potential perpetrators. Such protests may also jolt those whose duty it is to protect women in our country and punish perpetrators.


Sai Charan said...

Definitely agree with the points you have mentioned here Onkarji.

Social evils are on rise, women are victims of rapes in every city, female infanticide and foeticide, human trafficking, domestic violence, etc have put India among list of the top countries in the world which are dangerous for women to live or visit.

It is a shame the government is not taking strict measures against such crimes, people don't fear law anymore.

I hope and pray, we will see a better India in near future.

Sandhya said...

Conscience is dying very fast. Our country is becoming the rape capital in the world. Women are treated as dirt here, secondary citizens. Will it change that easily? I doubt.