Wednesday, December 04, 2013

135. Disgusting

These days we often go out 
Hand in hand to the park,
We often sit on a wooden bench
And look into each other's eyes.

She wears jeans for me,
I wear hat for her,
She loves my eyes in specs,
I love her silver hair.

Reasons we find galore
To smile at each other,
An urge we often feel 
To hold and hug each other.

Onlookers find us funny,
They cannot help laughing,
Our children do not react
They only say,"how shameful !"


Sai Charan said...

Simple display of affection to our loved ones in public is never wrong, if people find it funny, mistake is on their side.

It is a shame that in India, people are very much bothered about what others are doing - unless a couple is not obstructing their path, it is none of their business to laugh or make a comment.


Ankita said...

meaningful and realistic..pple love poking fun at others.