Sunday, November 16, 2014

163. On applause

Applause is something everyone loves - be it politician, musician, motivational speaker, singer, actor and so on. Hardly anyone is saintly enough to be immune to applause. We not only do something for our own satisfaction, money and benefit of others, but also for recognition by others. When one is performing in public , no sound can be more soothing to the ears than the sound of people clapping. This is endorsement of one's abilities by others. Self-belief is not always good enough.

Applause need not always be genuine. The audience generally applauds the performer at the end of his performance whether they like it or not. Even to a poor performer, this gesture has to be shown by way of pity or etiquette.  Imagine a situation where one sings a song at the end of which there is no applause. It can be uncomfortable to not only the performer, but also the audience.

It will be good for the performer if he or she can distinguish between genuine and fake applause. If one mistakes fake applause as genuine , one may continue to pursue wrong hobbies or vocations and may heap more torture on the audience which ultimately may have to be blunt. One sure way to recognize a fake applause is when the applause comes at a very inappropriate place during the performance. Thus, if the audience starts clapping before a speaker can complete his sentence, it is a sure signal to the speaker to shut up. Some performers may, however, need clear and sustained booing to shut up. Some may even need rotten tomatoes and eggs.

The quality of genuine applause also varies according to categories of performers. For politicians, actors and motivational speakers, much of the applause reflects the accumulated love and admiration of the audience for their previous deeds. But for singers and musicians, the applause largely reflects the appreciation for their current performance. It appears so genuine, pure and pristine. It can instantly touch the soul. The applause itself can move others and bring tears to their eyes.


Ankita said...

fake praise is such a turn off

Usha Menon said...

Very good post. Everyone expects applause, after performance.