Saturday, June 10, 2017

75. In the hills of Kumaon

Kumaon in Uttaranchal is full of natural beauty. People generally flock to Nainital and nearby areas. But if someone is looking for some solace, there are other beautiful areas like Mukteshwar, Jageshwar, Binsar and Kausani which are much less crowded than Nainital, but no less beautiful. These areas are easily accessible. From Kathgodam, the last rail-head, these can be reached in 2 to 4 hours by car and the road condition is fairly good. Apart from buses, shared taxis are also available.

I recently visited these less talked-about gems of Uttaranchal. It was nice walking in hills, sipping hot tea/coffee sitting in the verandah of my guesthouse while it was raining and savouring fruits of the season like plum, apricot and peach. Near Mukteshwar, I found garden after garden of trees laden with these fruits. In Binsar, Rhododendron flowers were in full bloom. I passed by village shops selling Rhododendron and lemon squash bottles. Among sweets, there was delicious Bal Mithai, made of milk which can be found all over Kumaon.

Occasionally, snowy peaks of Himalayas were visible from these places. Watching sunrise and sunset over the hills was a sublime experience.

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Vandana Sharma said...

beautiful pictures, the hills, the valleys are all calling us..............