Saturday, October 28, 2017

170. Passing Phase

Not long ago,
I was full of leaves,
Then came flowers,
I looked so beautiful,
I was in envy of myself.

Birds flocked to me
To sit on my branches,
Some made nests in me;
Lured by nectar of flowers 
Bees came humming to me.

Now, all is gone -
Leaves, flowers, bees and birds,
No eyes to feast on my beauty now,
No traveller to sit in my shade.

I know, a day will come
When leaves will grow,
Flowers will bloom,
Birds will return,
Bees will hum,
When onlookers will marvel at my beauty,
Travellers will sit in my shade.

I stand alone,
Abandoned and ignored,
But not sad and bitter,
I know, my current misfortune 
Is just a passing phase.