Sunday, July 29, 2018

175. The tree and the cloud

A tired tiny bird
Came flying in,
Sat on the branch
Of a fragile old tree,
Forsaken by its leaves,
Standing all alone.

The tree tried hard
To protect the rare visitor
From the scorching sun,
But was helpless,
Its leaves were long gone.

A waterless cloud,
Watching the struggle from the sky,
Drifted above the tree
To provide shade to the bird.

A lonely old tree 
And a waterless cloud
Joined together
To keep the mighty sun out
For a tiny bird
Who was known
To none of them.


How do we know said...

I cannot tell you how much I loved this poem and what it stands for. This is exactly what we need in life - to be the tree, the cloud and also the bird. For as the cloud and the tree work to protect, the bird accepts with rare grace too..

How do we know said...

Can i pls use this poem in our children's newspaper? With credit, of course. This is exactly what the children need to learn about loving.

Onkar said...

Yes, sure. It is nice to know that you find the poem worth publishing in your newspaper.