Saturday, December 28, 2019

197. 'Aftertaste'- a delicious novel

Another book that I finished reading during the recent situation in Guwahati was Namita Devidayal’s ‘Aftertaste’. This is the story of a big business family in which money, ornaments, food and other materialistic things run supreme. There is little attention to relationships. The strong lady, who holds this world together, ultimately finds herself on her death-bed with all her children wishing her to die for different reasons.
The novel is very deliciously written and individual stories of different characters have been lucidly woven into the overall narrative without wires getting entangled.
‘Aftertaste’ is a novel you will find difficult to put down. I think, Namita Devidayal is an underrated author. She is far far superior to many Indian writers who have become famous for nothing.
If you want a simple story to which you can relate and which does not demand too much of intellectual grappling on your part, go get a copy of ‘Aftertaste’. The taste will linger much after you have finished reading the book.

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